Share in the value you help create.

4Populus helps companies enhance the value distribution of the workplace, increasing the engagement of employees as partners.

Participants earn residual rewards and growth assets.

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On a mission

The goal of 4Populus is to distribute the value that’s created in companies and industries around the world to the people who are creating it.

Through incentives, rewards programs, training tools and community integration we are changing the way working communities are building assets, developing people and building dreams, one company at a time.

Create a new kind of value


A new way to grow your net worth


A rewards program that gives points you can use to get more benefits and discounts


Earn assets that you can convert to cash


Grow your net worth when you help others grow theirs

Where it begins:

Local value adds and increased net worth.

A new kind of benefits program that provides rewards and assets to both the employer and their employees.

Assets + Rewards

  • Employees earn monthly rewards to pay for benefits and discounts from local merchants and restaurants.
  • Employees can redeem monthly rewards to cover benefit costs and retirement contributions.
  • Employers earn rewards to reduce their cost of benefits to employees.
  • Both parties can access extra cash when needed by accessing the future value of their rewards. Participants’ monthly rewards pay it back.
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Options to upgrade:

Unlock greater value and additional rewards.

Members have the option to upgrade by including additional benefits that increase assets and rewards.

  • Increase rewards from in-network members, merchants and restaurants
  • One hour per month of professional life and career mentoring
  • Holistic health programs
  • Private education including childcare for anyone in the family


Within the first year the savings will typically be greater than the cost. This is possible due to the participation of local merchants and restaurants who subsidize the cost of this new benefit. Participating 4Populus employers use the Seed they earn to reduce the cost of providing benefits to employees or to cover the cost of providing better benefits.

This creates a shared value community where everyone wins in every transaction. The employees earn more and are incentivised to spend more with local businesses. Local businesses receive loyal customers who can buy from them with redeemable rewards. Some of the existing advertising spent by local businesses now goes to local employers to provide better benefits to their employees.

Cost starts at 2% of compensation depending on options.The 2% cost on compensation is prior to including the value of rewards that discount benefits cost for the employer. In most cases, the savings from the employer rewards will exceed the additional costs within a year. After the first year, the value of rewards typically decreases an employers total cost.

How it works

The value of being part of the SweetCommerce network


Points that are earned by your squares monthly. The more squares you own the more points you are eligible to receive. Use your seed to reduce the cost of goods and services by up to 75% in the Sweet Commerce network.


A virtual asset awarded for creating value in your company or with anyone in the Sweet Commerce network. You and your descendents own this asset forever.


This is the amount of Seed that is allocated per square per month. This varies based on network size. The rights to the seed, called Right to Yield. Access the future value of your rewards as cash at anytime.

Sweetbridge Foundation

Part of the value generated through the platform goes towards helping impoverished communities through sustainable and long term solutions.

Our Partners

Who we are

The leadership team at 4Populus is a group of experts from multiple industries who are driven to see employees become partners and grow their net worth through their day to day contribution.

4Populus integrates a holistic solution for talent development into an existing workplace.

The greater network

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